From concept to final product in 6 steps

This process is designed to deliver the final product in the shortest time possible and with the least amount of effort on your part.

1. Gathering details


You send me a request stating what kind of illustrations or animations you need, and how many, together with examples of your preferred style (optional).
I will then contact you for an introduction meeting where I can find out more about your company, what you want to communicate and your requirements.

2. Creating the moodboard


I will get back to you with a moodboard, an estimate, and a letter of agreement which you will need to review and sign once you agree on the terms and conditions.

3. First sketches


At this point I will start working on the project:

  • for illustrations, it will be a couple of sketches or a concept;
  • for animations, a storyboard with sketches highlighting all the scenes, as well as a few seconds of animation.

This is the step where the final version of the style is decided, and it requires some back and forth communication and adjustments based on your feedback. For animations, this is also the right time to select a background music, sound effects, and record the voice over.

4. Complete assignment


Now I can complete the project and get it ready for the next step:

  • for illustrations, it will be the image(s) you requested;
  • for animations, it will be the whole video, including sound.

5. Final review


At this point the product is practically finished. I will send you the complete work and make the latest adjustments if necessary. I will check that all the files are ready in the right format, and make sure that the final version is delivered in the best quality.

6. Delivery of finished product


After final review and approval on your part, I will send you the final product (e.g. files ready for print or to be uploaded to your favourite video hosting platform), as well as the invoice.