So, how much does it cost?

My hourly rate is €50,- exclusive VAT. Because illustrations and animations can be created in a variety of styles, this can highly influence the costs of the final product. There are also other factors to be considered: you may be familiar with the Project Management Triangle (also known as Iron Triangle) where you can only pick two out of three elements. I redesigned the model to fit my work because the original triangle leaves space for low quality work, which I don’t believe should ever be an option.

As for the original triangle, you can only pick two out of three elements that are the most important to you. For example if an important factor for you is to keep a low budget, you can either go for a large project with little to no customization, or a fully customized solution but smaller project.

This is what each part of the diagram means:

  • Full customization: this option gives you the freedom to make a lot of reviews on the initial design to make sure it looks 100% the way you want. Much more attention to detail and tweaking is given to the project until you’re fully satisfied. The ‘little customization’ area gives you just a couple of adjustments from the initial design and you can expect more standard, less creative work.
  • Low budget: this option makes sure that I stay within a limited budget when working on the project. Obviously this comes with restrictions, either on the size of the project, or the amount of adjustments/reviews allowed to complete the work. With ‘large budget’ you opt to pay per hour (unlimited budget) or to agree on a higher project-based fee that allows for a lot of work to be done while still delivering a fully customized solution.
  • Large project: this option focuses on the amount of work needed. Depending on the amount of budget you have available, you can opt for a fully customized solution, or a standard/less creative design with little customization. By ‘small project’ I mean an limited icon set, a banner, a logo design, a single illustration, and so on. This last option gives you the freedom to receive a fully customized work while keeping the budget low.

If you have more questions about the diagram above, or my prices in general, don’t hesitate to contact me! I’ll be happy to discuss with you all the available options.